Coating Die
Coating Die
T-Die for Coating
Continuous unblocked flow is available at the die lip.  Come with densely spaced adjustment screws to react to the metal weight and the pressure of plastic material and bend the flexible die lip to vary the die opening.  Come with a internal deckling device to vary the width of plate.
Surfaces are all chrome plated.  Use grade 12.9 high-tension bolts as the fasteners.  Use quality and durable stainless steel cartridge heaters assigned to various heating zones for independent control.
Characterized by constant production, simple structure, and easy disassembling and cleaning.   
For coating of plates of 0.005mm-0.4mm thickness.  Fit for : papers, kraft paper, non-woven fabric, metal foil, plastic film, natural textiles, synthetic fabrics etc.
Applicable materials: TPU,EVA etc.
Width of Die: 400mm-3000mm.
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