Film Die
Film Die
Film T-Die
Continuous stream surface is available at the die lip . Come with push-pull slightly-spaced adjusting screws reacting to resin pressure and metal movement  to bend the flexible die lip and vary the die gap.
All surfaces are chromo-plated. Use 12.9 high-strength bolts as fasteners. Come with premium and durable stainless steel cartridge heaters subject to zoning control.
Consistent in production, simple in structure and easy to disassemble and clean.
For production of films of thickness less than 0.3mm.
Applicable materials: PP, PE, PVC, TPU, EVA etc.
Fit for production of various packaging films, stationery films, embossed films, breathable films, coating films, disposable table-cloth etc.
Width of die is  400-6000mm.
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