Double-plate screen changer
Double-plate screen changer
The filtering channels of double-plate double-position unit may work ly, contributing to quick screen change-over , easy production and simple maintenance.
Come with built-in sealing device to ensure sound tightness and allow for mass production of any polymers, capable of being coupled with extruders of various specifications.
The screen change-over duration for the double-position quick screen changer ≤2 seconds. The filter area is optional from ¢30 to ¢250mm
Come with grinding-resistant, pressure-resistant and high precision filter to ensure maximized filtering area and optimized filtering results.
Its performance will not be compromised when the pressure is kept between 25—30Mpa and temperature  around 300℃
Nearly all the polymers are fit for screen changer, such as PC,PMMA,PET,PS,PU,PP,PE,EVA,ABS etc.
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